Clean-Eating Plan and Recipes App Reviews

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Needs more work

The app is good, but there is no customization to the meals. If you have allergies to certain foods, you can't find recipes without those. Also it only gives you the two weeks of food nothing else. I wish I would have known more before I bought it because I wouldn't have purchased. There are better clean eating apps out there.

Good but....

Food is very expensive plus hard to find . Good idea needs to be contorted to fit persons economic & geographical place in life.

Needs more customization

I love that a meal plan is provided and easy to follow and love even more that it generates a shopping list. The directions are very easy to follow and it's great that prep instructions are included to set you up for success all week. However I need more customization options-I would like to be able to remove foods that I don't eat and replace with a comparable option in the same macronutrients family

Has potential, would wait to buy

I wish I'd gotten more info before choosing to pay for this app. I think it has a lot of potential - simple layout, clean design, easy to create a shopping list - but they neglect to tell you that it's only two weeks of recipes, all of which are included in the meal plan. There aren't any other recipes to browse or substitute in case you don't eat some of the items included. I searched for "turkey" and it had 0 recipes, suggesting instead that I try "avocado." I'd wait until they update this app a few times and make it actually worthwhile.

Got me out of my rut.

Great recipes and inspiration. Super easy to use!


Easy recipes, & it helps u to create your shopping list, meals are delicious.. my eating wasn't clean as much as now.. thank you for your great effort on this app, & looking forward for your next plan ;)

Waste of download

I should have been suspicious of any app from popsugar. The recipes aren't so great. Very confusing because the day photo has nothing to do with the days food. Just sucky

Don't waste your money

Really obscure foods that are hard to find and prepare. The menu doesn't look entirely bad but the amount of work to prepare all of this is not worth it. There are no substitutions for anything

Loving it!

So far this app seems super easy to use. I appreciate the ease of creating the shopping list. I'll be starting the program tonight w a shopping trip today and prep for day 1. Stay tuned I'll be back w more experience.

delicious and saved me $$

these meals are really good. i've tried eating clean before and it's hard to find tasty recipes. i was never hungry either. i didn't expect to save $$, but actually the recipes do a great job of reducing food waste and i think in the long run i actually spent less!

Lost 12 lbs

this was very effective and fun for me!

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